Youth swimming classes in Ibiza

From the age of seven to eighteen.

Youth swimming classes in Ibiza

From the age of seven until the age of eighteen, always adapting to the age of each child, their needs and their pace, and following the same pedagogical line as in children’s swimming, the main objective, in addition to the complete development of the child and young person, is that swimming becomes for them a healthy habit of physical exercise. Reinforcing their self-esteem and educating them in positive values (perseverance, effort, motivation, prevention, safety, respect for the aquatic environment, etc.).

We not only teach how to swim, but we teach what sport is and what swimming is as a sport, why it is beneficial for our health to do physical exercise, and how swimming helps us to have a positive attitude and self-esteem. And we teach more than just how to swim, because we believe in sport as a tool for education and teaching.

The specific objectives in these classes are:

  • Initiation to aquatic activities for children/young people who are not yet autonomous or do not know how to swim. 
  • Style refinement
  • Development of more complex and specific aquatic skills and abilities, such as sports skills like the technique of the different styles, headfirst jumps, somersaults, apnoea, etc.
  • Development of physical abilities such as strength, speed, endurance, agility and flexibility, and improvement of coordination and balance skills.
  • Initiation through play in other aquatic disciplines (water polo, synchronised, diving, diving, fins, etc.).
  • Initiation in the sport of swimming. We prepare and improve the technique for those young people who want to join a swimming club, want to participate in popular competitions, etc.