Swimming for pregnant women in Ibiza

Discover all its benefits.

Swimming for pregnant women in Ibiza

This activity combines aquatic swimming exercises, games, gymnastics and relaxation exercises adapted to the stage of pregnancy of each pregnant woman.  This activity is not only aimed at the mother, but also becomes a prenatal stimulation activity for the baby, as the different postures that the mother can adopt, different from those adopted in dry activities, the movements of the mother and the water, and the changes in sound in and out of the water, stimulate the baby’s physical, mental and sensory development.

It is also important to point out that pregnancy is not only for mothers, fathers should be part of the whole process, accompanying the mother psychologically and creating a bond with both her and the baby that reinforces an affective bond between the two of them. Therefore, this activity does not have to be done by the mother alone, the father can also accompany her and do the class together, where he will have an active role in the exercises, helping her and interacting with her and her baby.

It is an activity that is one hundred percent recommended, for all the benefits it brings:

  • In water you weigh only a tenth of your usual weight, so you will feel lighter and more agile.
  • The joints do not suffer as much as in dry exercise.
  • Reduces the risk of dehydration.
  • It strengthens the cardiorespiratory system as it is an aerobic activity.
  • Helps to balance pressure on the pelvic area, helping to relieve or prevent sciatic discomfort.
  • You get more oxygenation which your baby will undoubtedly enjoy as well.
  • Improved circulation, thereby relieving or preventing problems of heavy legs, varicose veins and fluid retention, etc.
  • It tones the muscles and allows the joints to free up, keeping them flexible and strong for the final stages of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • It enhances the attunement between mother and baby and stimulates the baby’s development.
  • It improves the pregnant woman’s psychological attitude, which is more positive, as the aquatic activity becomes a pleasurable and relaxing moment that boosts self-esteem both for the activity and for the contact with other mothers.
  • Promotes better postpartum recovery

The activity can be started from the third month of gestation, and unless medically indicated, it can be carried out up to the last month.