Aquatic safety

In terms of aquatic safety, it is essential to take into account various elements.

Aquatic safety

Aquatic safety is a set of practices, measures and knowledge that aim to prevent and reduce the risks of accidents in aquatic environments, such as swimming pools, beaches and rivers. This is a relevant concern, since according to data from the National Drowning Report (INA), in Spain there were 315 drowning deaths in 2020. These figures show the importance of promoting aquatic safety and fostering accident prevention in recreation spaces and water sports.

In terms of aquatic safety, it is essential to take into account various elements, including:

  • Supervision and surveillance of aquatic spaces
    Knowledge and respect of regulations and signs
    Implementation of barriers and protection systems
    Education in swimming skills and self-protection
    First aid and first aid training
    Planning and prevention of risks in aquatic activities

At SWIM IBIZA we are experts in aquatic safety and we offer advisory services to guarantee the protection and well-being of people in aquatic environments. Our mission is to support families, neighboring communities and educational centers in the implementation of efficient water safety measures, providing the necessary information and resources to prevent accidents and foster a safe and positive relationship with water.

Our team of professionals specialized in aquatic safety is in charge of analyzing the specific needs of each client and providing personalized solutions to guarantee safe and adequate aquatic spaces. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help ensure a safe aquatic environment for you and your community.