Personal swim trainer en Ibiza

Improve your technique or your performance in the water.

Personal swim trainer en Ibiza

If you are an athlete and you are looking to improve your technique or your performance in the water, Swim Ibiza can offer you the support of a personal trainer specialised in technical improvement.

There is nothing like individual attention, without groups or generic training. Work based on you and your goals. We adjust to your availability and schedule, and we offer you from a remote training planning based on your goals and starting point, to accompaniment and joint training.

Correcting your technique can help you to finish your competitions less loaded, gain seconds on the time and generally improve your competition results.

Our team includes professional swimmers, Spanish champions, sports physiotherapists from international swimming teams, experienced coaches and active swimmers who compete in triathlon and Ironman events. Without a doubt, a complete first hand and personalised training for your needs. When do we start training?